Nail Services with Harmoni

Classic Gel Manicure 45min $45

This classic gel manicure cures under a light and is available in a variety of fun colors! Great for someone who wants a little more durability than regular polish.


Dazzle Dry Manicure 45min $45

Enjoy the look of regular polish without the chipping! A dazzle dry manicure cures without the use of a light and will last 10-20 days with regular wear! This is a great option with low commitment. Perfect for the person who loves to wear polish or the person who just wants to polish up for an event!

Dip Manicure 60min $50

 I tell my clients, dip manicures are a step up from gel manicures. I recommend a dip manicure to individuals who may work with their hands a little more.

Dip Manicure with Extensions 120min $75

Add length to a classic dip manicure.


Full Set, Builder Gel 120min $65

Hard gel, or builder gel is a great option for individuals who struggle with chipping regular gel polish. What’s great about builder gel is you can add length to your natural nail without the need of adding a plastic tip. If this is your first time receiving this service, please book for a full set application.

Fill, Builder Gel 60min $50

See above description. If you do not need to add length and are a regular Builder Gel client will builder gel currently on your nails, please book for a fill appointment.

Full Set, Gel-X (extension service) 120min $75

Think of a full set without the harsh chemicals of acrylic. Gel-x takes the guess work out of getting your preferred shape and length just the way you like it. Gel-X full set is a full tip over your natural nail. You can get a fill on a Gel X set but we would only recommend doing it once then replacing your set with a fresh one. 

Fill, Gel-X 60min $50

See description above. If you have a fresh set of gel-x and would like a fill. Please book this service. Please note: it is only recommended to fill Gel-X once. After you one fill, please book a new set.

Full Set, Poly Gel (optional extension service) 120min $75

Poly gel is a great option for those who would normally get acrylic but you’re looking for something that isn’t so harsh on your natural nail. Poly gel allows you to add length and strength just like acrylic but gives you the flexibility to use dip or hard gel over it if you prefer. 

Fill, Poly Gel 60min $50

See description above. If you are a regular Poly Gel client with poly gel currently on your nails and do not want to add more length, please book a fill appointment.

Soak Off 30 mins $30

Please schedule a soak off appointment if you currently have acrylics and are looking to switch to one of our gel extension services. This appointment can also be booked as a soak off only!


Nail Art Add Ons:

Level 1 nail art: 15 mins +$10
consists of a French tip, hearts, adding of stickers, lots of gems or stamp art and chrome powder. 


Level 2 nail art: 30 minutes +$15

This would be more complex art like flowers, snowflakes, use of blooming gel or ombré effects. 


Level 3 nail art: 45 minutes +$20

This would cover more attention to detail kind of nail art. This would be your checkerboard nails, sets where there’s a different design on every nail. 


Level 4 nail art: 60+ minutes +$25

These are for my individuals who love wearing art on their nails. This would be your portrait nails and fine art sets.