Alicjas Pricing


Short Haircut
Scissor or razor cut that is above the ears. Commonly done every 4-6 weeks.
45 minutes

Medium length haircut
hair that is cut anywhere from the chin to the top of the shoulder.
60 minutes

Long haircut
Hair that is shoulder length or longer, as with all cuts, there is a consult, hair is washed, cut, then dried. If you’re hair is extra thick or longer than armpit length let us know, we can add time to your appointment so we can achieve the desired finish.

Long curly cut
hair that is below shoulder length. This appointment allows time for a consult, dry cut, wash, style, diffuse and finishing touches.
75 minutes

Barber style cut
short hair that is mostly cut with clippers or scissor over comb. This appointment includes a consult, wash and style.
45 minutes

Bang/nape trim
a quick appointment for in between regular trims. Trimming bang section or nape of neck. Just a tune up.
15 minutes

Children’s Cut
Little ones that are 12 and under.